Deliberate Practice, Rechart Learning

Any answer is only as good as the question asked. We've got a lot of good questions, so you keep getting better with our daily workouts.

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Focused Practice

Assess topic level competency quickly using packs of questions grouped by sub topics.

Intelligent Workouts

Use behavioral and assessment performances to make learning predictive and individualised.


Feature rich and AI enabled, we make learning visible, handy, and continuous

Vast Catalog

Assessments categorised by sub topics, users can find a number of assessments under each sub topic.

Simple UX

Get to the chase quicker. Find what you need, practice it and get instant feedback.

Made to order

Every workout, built especially for you using your very own performance data to provide learning insights.


Useful feedback

Get feedback that you can use immediately. Instant personalisation through correlated gap analysis.

Simple Notifications

We stay out of your way, and keep notifications simple, neat. This allows you to focus on learning.

All on us

From Exam preparation for IGCSE and CBSE to CPT, NEET, CIE, and CET, we’ve got your back.