Monitor student performances, Rechart Learning

Use Kognify Chef to add your question bank, create assessments and offer everyday workouts to your students, and make learning visible in your class room.

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Kognify Chef?

Create your own online learning platform. By adding questions and assigned them to learners, make learning individualised and continuous.

Manage Learners

Add users, manage groups or grades, manage user accounts, invite new learners, notify individual users and much more...

Manage Content

Create your own questions, access questions belonging to other vendors, create custom assessments, review content quality.

Rechart Learning

Review student performances by topic, grade, subject, cognition... to set a unique and deliberate path for every student.


How Easily?

  • Add your own questions
  • Add your students
  • Create assessments and monitor workouts
  • Identify learning gaps
  • Rechart learning...

for Schools, Training Centers and Tutors teaching IGCSE ... CBSE ... NEET ... CET ... CPT ...