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Drive Learning Outcomes In Your Institution Effortlessly

Practice, Revise, Get Ready for Exams

Why Kognify?

You add the questions; we'll make the assessments intelligent. Kognify is a simple learning tool that helps schools and universities ensure that learners study regularly and keep pace with classroom instruction.


Students get workouts customised to your school curriculum and lesson plans


Teachers and students get insightful feedback to address learning gaps


Students get personalised revision workouts based on learning levels


Schools quickly see better classroom engagement and academic performance

Easy To Use

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Quick and simple to begin using Kognify at your School


NO infrastructure investment. Works on all devices


Begin Anytime

Start any time during the school academic year


Rapid and visible insights and outcomes

A few of Kognify's Eminent Users



Relevant to CBSE, ICSE, State and International Boards. Adding more everyday



Every interaction helps a student learn a concept or fact or to apply knowledge



From Class I to Class XII, all key subjects covered


Naveen Mahesh

Naveen is the Founder Director and Managing Trustee of HLC International. Over the past 2 decades, he has built HLC into one of India's first Ashoka Changemaker schools. He founded Kognify after a decade of action research at HLC. Kognify was incorporated in 2014, but it has been in the making -offline- for nearly 10 years.  He is also the co-founder of Beyond 8, India's first student centric learning system that enables learners' passions

Raaji Naveen

Raaji (Padma Iyer is fondly known as) spent many years in quality assurance, business analysis and product management with MNCs in the US before joining school education in 2006. Since then she has led HLC in the role of Vice Principal and has been instrumental in enabling thought leadership, introducing evidence based research practices as well as shaping HLC's philosophical identity. Along with Naveen, Raaji co-founded Beyond 8.

Naveen Santhanam

Naveen Santhanam has spent over 12 years in developing facial recognition software before joining Kognify. He has vast experience in AI and brings the best strategies of learning to technology, not technology to education. Kognify is a fully scalable and highly available platform to support and enable learning everywhere. Naveen is the Tech lead at Beyond 8 and is the architect of online learning for all 3 organisations (HLC, Kognify, Beyond 8).

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