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Kognify's objective

Kognify aims to improve learning levels at each school in a way that directly leads to better academic performance.

Who are the creators of Kognify?

Kognify has been created via a collaboration between Naveen Mahesh's family, who have run a high-performance international school (HLC International) for 20+ years, and Ravi Sundararaman, an IIM-Ahmedabad graduate with 20+ years of corporate leadership experience. The creators of Kognify believe that every child can shine brightly via a focus on 5-elements that lead to improved academic performance.

What is unique about Kognify?

Kognify provides 'Workouts' in-sync with each school's pedagogy. Based on the school's specific textbooks, lesson plan schedule and pedagogical approach, Kognify will provide customised workouts. These workouts (Grades 3 to 12) cover all core subjects (English, Science, Maths, Social Studies). Each workout is designed for quick learning without burdening the child.
Unlike many other learning tools, Kognify works as part of your team. We reinforce what your teachers are doing rather than work independently and burden both teachers and students with irrelevant inputs. Also, by covering all core subjects, we provide comprehensive academic support.

Easy-to-use tool

The tool is very easy to use, requires no infrastructure investment and doesn't burden the teachers/administrators. All we need is a textbook copy and lesson plan schedule, and any other inputs on your pedagogical approach.
All students and teachers can access Kognify via any internet-connected device such as computers and simple smartphones.

What is the process?

Based on your curriculum, Kognify will create Workouts and schedule them for students to do on a regular basis. Each workout will usually have 10-20 multiple-choice questions. These questions are scientifically crafted and sequenced to maximise learning in the quickest possible time (average 10 min per workout). Typically, each chapter will have 3 to 6 such workouts spread out over a few days. The questions will cover basic facts, conceptual understanding, application and higher order thinking skills such that students with different levels of abilities can all benefit from Kognify.
These workouts are assigned to students in sync with your lesson plan schedule. Your teachers will get clear data on each student's performance on workouts. This will enable teachers to reduce a part of the homework effort (long-answer homework can be retained) and get an objective sense of learning levels in the class.

Pricing and next steps

Kognify covers all core subjects at an unbeatable price. Fill the form provided on this page and we will surprise you with how easy and inexpensive it is to get access to this complete academic support tool.